Hungarian Dancing Economist Brand Roadmap Strategist and Creative leadership Coach Guiding Social Entrepreneurs towards IMPACT-INCOME-RESOURCEFULNESS who rebuilt her brand identity from scratch after relocated to South East Asia from Europe a few years ago.

"I had hope, and hope without actions is nothing, so I put my hope into actions."

I worked as Foreign trade representative, Service and Customer Centre agent, Team Leader, Lean Subject Matter Expert, dance trainer, master life coach, art therapist life coach.

As a Social Entrepreneur and trainer and an advocate for human connections, empowerment, and sustainability.

I am also a Global Changemaker, redefining the narrative of empowerment. We do not need labels to empower. We need unity instead of segregation.

With my yearly Global Empowerment summits, I am raising awareness about the beauty and power of diversity and colourful connections.

Being a dancer and dance trainer made me sensitive to people and people's problems. I have an extremely caring, positive, and compassionate personality, which makes me a good listener and supporter.

I had two painful pivots in my life, and both were life-changing moments. Those challenges eventually enable me to live a more fulfilled life. Went from social pressure to total freedom, got married and divorced, and transformed from employee to entrepreneur. Four years ago I moved 9000 km away from home to another culture, went from independent to dependent, and back to independent again.

My personal path and hardships, my diverse professional carrier background, and my natural curiosity made me a strong, confident, and resilient woman. I tried, tested, and lived through every aspect of my interactive coaching methodology.

This wide and diversified spectrum of experience helped me to create something that can change your perspectives and the way you see yourself and the world. It will help you become curious, resilient, connected, aligned, and help you to find your own purpose and drive. I will also show you the advantage of being compassionate and caring about others.

Currently, I am working on building up a Changemaker Ecosystem of creative leaders and a community of curious individuals with social goals. I believe that a little drop in the ocean can create a wave, and that wave can be multiplied by community support.

Some of my Achievements:
100 Most Influential LinkedIn Icons M'sia 2020
Global Women in Leadership Award 2020 GCPIT Brand India
Make the difference Award Lexmark 2012
Founder or Whatwomenwant, Brandwithmeasia, Dancewithmeasia, WEEB



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