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Enjoy the sessions of the first Summit!


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Empowering yourself starts with gratitude Geeta the Chief Executive Officer at Vibrant Living with Geeta will guide you through gratitude meditation. Geeta is passionate about teaching other people, especially other women her philosophy of holistic & natural living & her transformative approach to health. Her mission is to make nutrition, wellness & personal development as fun & as experiential as possible.

Change your views about eating and food and learn why busy people should eat healthy Vegan Chef and Educator, Founder of LivingveggiebyAnia - vegan education in Singapore will show you how.

Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit listen to a Personal Message from Andrea Zsapka Core Profession-Passion-Mission Trainer I Social-Brand strategy specialist I Inclusive Empowerment advocate I Youth Mentor I Networking Agent and get to know our expert Patricia Morgan who will be Lightening Your Load & Brightening Your Outlook. Helping minimize stress while building resilience at work & home. Now presenting virtually! 

Would you like to know more about what works on LinkedIn and what doesn't? Plus How to optimize your LinkedIn profile! Derick Mildred is truly a master of LinkedIn. Today he will provide you with some valuable tools and advice you can use to take your LinkedIn journey to the next level and beyond. Make sure you stay till the end for details on where to get his Cheatsheet.

The crazy idea, the preparations, and the crazy lady behind the summit an Interview by Vyasa Kandasamy CEO, Cad Training Centre I 100 Most Inspirational Icons in Linkedin Malaysia

"Protecting Women" Intro by DION JENSEN Inspirational Speaker💥Over 1 Million Views a real advocate for Women Empowerment leading the way for other man to be part of the conversation 

Get to know how to cook with love with the help of the power couple KOOBESHEN & KUMSEELA NAIDOO from Love at first Bite

Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit and our experts  Nora Abu Hassan Author/Writer of a Memoir called ‘Born To Smile Love ’Life , Love & Accepting my Cleft Lip & Palate , Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohd Image Motivational Coach /Author/Fashionpreneur 

Shilpa Laharwal​ Redefining HR Space for Startups | Crafting Careers for Job Seekers

Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit and our expert  Maria Abramjan ​Personal Blog at Brighton up with Reiki


3:00 - 3:45 PM


Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit and our expert  Razwana Yousaf and Wassim  Dabboussi the founders of the Muslim Boss Movement and Stefan Taylor  who is helping women over 40 feel amazing, eat foods they love, and lose weight, through a bespoke 3-month online program

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4:00 - 4:50 PM


Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit and our expert  Patrick Klotz Virtual-CIO | TEDx Speaker | Consultant  the founder of Pats Chat


5:05 - 5:50 PM


 Enjoy  a half an hour Practical and insightful presentation with Andrea Gyongyi Grill Supply Chain Transformation Catalyst - Executive Coach - Resilience Trainer about Empowerment Through Resilience 

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6:05 - 6:50 PM


Get to know the concept of the Global Women Empowerments Summit and our experts  Pauline Crawford-Omps CEO Corporate Heart Int | Author | International Speaker | Ambassador of Magical Conversations  Adriana DVORÁ​

Owner, Luanzza LTD. ( International Trading ) and Fashion Designer, Empowerment coach, and Céleste Reumert Refn 🛡⚖Public Speaker 🎤Author AWARD-WINNING Trademark Specialist Helping Ambitious Entrepreneurial People Protect Their Highly Valuable Work!


7:05 - 7:50 PM


It's never been more important to get your message across virtually. But, how do you make a connection through a camera lens?  In this practical workshop, Pelpina shows you 7 tips to create videos with the camera that's always on you: your smartphone. Get to know the amazing Pelpina Trip.


8:05 - 8:50 PM


Our official opening with a personal Welcome message from Andrea the organizer and creator of the Global Online Women Empowerment Summit, our official teasers, and a little surprise from our Global Expert Group, hope you are warmed up for a beautiful evening.


9:05 - 10:25 PM



8 International Experts


What happens to us when we are pushed towards change, forced to adapt.

How can you find balance and harmony again? A panel discussion about the Wheel of Life  , let's see how or experts approach this topic

Cheryl Witha who helps individuals unravel their potential for a transformative journey, Elmarie Potgieter Managing Director at RITE Group, Jagathis, Subra Director of Strategic Partnership at Origin Academy,  Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Accredited Speaker, CVP, Author, Joy Abdullah Strategic Marketing Specialist,  Dr. Seema Negi Principal at Sanjeevani World School, Paloma Esoof Communication Specialist | Photographer | Digital Marketer | Coach


10:40 - 11:20 PM


Learn about living in Malaysia from locals and foreigners in one interview the good and the bad and how we could do better Interview session by Vanitha Krishnasamy PR Visionary I Brand Storyteller I Big Picture Thinker 


11:00 PM - 1:00 AM


Airmeet Speed Business matching session open to all participants arrive early Airmeet Speed Business matching session open to all participants, bring your elevator pitch make the most out of this virtual networking opportunity, only for registered participants. Latin music in the background delivered by Mr. Harry Ang our official DJ