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Social Platform with Social Impact

Raising awareness about real problems


2021 GOALS: 10000 Selfsustainable individual 


The workshop and webinar and summit series are designed for individuals, who feel that they need a change in their life and they also would like to contribute to elevating others.


 If you feel lost, stuck, aimless, our your business is slow, this program is your solution. Join our free events, webinars, panel discussions. Join our yearly summits, and our international business referral system.


  • You will get to know yourself better 

  • You will become more confident, energetic, resilient

  • You will get grooming, photograph, posture, and other useful tips 

  • You will become more motivated and focused

  • You will get free actionable tutorials from guest experts

  • You will meet like-minded people and grow your network

  • You can transform your own life and help others to do the same

  • You will get referrals and business opportunities

  • You will belong to a positive global community



Attend our webinars or events. Subscribe and get updates about our programs. The only thing we ask in return is to spread the news and support our cause.

The What Women Want Platform





 ONLINE Interactive Coaching

 ONLINE Tutorial Sessions with changing topics and guest experts

Practical tips and implementation support

Online Summits, Panel discussions, Webinars, Collaborations



"Create a stronger you, just like I did and face whatever life brings you with optimism and confidence. 

Learn and grow continuously to be able to keep up with the change around you.

Create a stronger you and help others to leave their painful past behind and create a future

that gives them equal chances to live a fulfilled life"

Andrea Zsapka

 Collaborations & Partners 


Andrea is an amazing coach. She helped me to see myself better. At one point in my life I was stuck! With her unique method and her special talent she helped me to see my path better and be able to clear all confusions. I strongly recommend her to anyone struggling and confused.


Encountering, connecting, and learning from Andrea makes you appreciate your life, because it is never easy to find someone like herself. A woman who can mesmerize you with her simple dance moves, also knows how to genuinely share her vulnerabilities with you; a mature woman like a good wine, also knows how to be playful like a child; and gives you a nudge to get you out of your worst day(s).Andrea's coaching methodology is effective and well-organized. It's aligned with who she is and what she's been through. She's not being a coach to be a coach, she's doing it because she has a strong why, and you just feel it when you spend time with her. She has created a unique methodology, deeply soulful yet smartly practical.Her strongest talent is connecting with others. My husband, who depicts himself as a "traditional Korean man", after meeting Andrea once, said there's something special about this lady. My husband felt Andrea could communicate with someone from another culture very smoothly, as if she's a natural-born EQ genius! I was surprised to see my husband's feedback! Simply, connect with Andrea. She will guide your transformation.


This global community will help you to be more adaptive

 you will learn more about your values,

you will find your passion and your purpose

You will gain clarity 

You will be part of a supporting network


If you are an Entrepreneur

Join the WEEB Global Entrepreneur Elevator Community

 Webinar Series with guest experts from all around the world


 Contact me directly: info@changeyourlifesocialize.com

Together we thrive!

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