Dear Changemaker

Welcome to the Global Social Entrepreneurs Empowerment Hub

Tis is the platform of the yearly Global Empowerment summit that is evolving to a Global Community!

Join us on Linkedin:

Join us on Facebook:

Let's connect on Clubhouse for future meetings and brainstorming.

If you are not at Clubhouse don't worry

Please Whatsapp me +601126307093 to make sure we can be connected and I can send you an alternative Zoom link if we meet in the future.

About this group and the WhatWomenWant platform:

1. We are continuously growing, my goal is to connect 50000 social entrepreneurs and changemakers in the first round.

2. Every year I organize a summit where we can empower others together this year I am inviting coorganizers to share a bit of the workload with committed like-minded souls.

3. Check this group once a week on Thursday for updates

4. Feel free to share your introduction, events and inspiring posts here around empowerment and social entrepreneurship.

5. Please feel free to invite your friends whom you think would be a good addition to our community;

6. We are on Facebook too if you prefer that. The same things apply.

7. Save the date for this years summit 1-17th of October 2021

Thank you for your work I appreciate everything you do for others.

Have a beautiful week


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