Global Online Women Empowerment Summit 1-4th October 2020

Together we can create global impact and with your help we can send out a positive message to a global audience.


I am empowering other all around the world, by my own out of comfort zone challenge of organizing a global event first time in my life, The goal is to show that a little drop in the ocean can create a wave and have a global impact in the digital era.


I am an advocate for women empowerment and many women are in difficult situations because of this year's unprecedented events.

Also its effecting everyone man, children, families, companies, entrepreneurs, societies.

I believe it's time to rethink the meaning and message of women empowerment and we need to shift to simply empowerment. That's the goal of the summit to leave the labels behind.


The summit is from the 1st -4th of October, mainly online , but there will be a live studio, where we can set up cameras and I can host the local experts and their supporters.


Currently I am collecting a global expert group from all around the world they are in various fields, their contribution is purely volunteer based. The areas and topics of the summit will follow the WHEEL OF LIFE my main topic is empowerment and diversity (SDG 5 )

1 Mental , Educational

2. Financial Career

3. Physical, Health

4, Social, cultural

5. Spiritual, Ethical

6. Family , home

Next to this we will also raise awareness about :



domestic violence

gender parity

generation gaps

gaps in digital education


The target audience is young, middle aged and elderly women, of all races, age groups

We include man in the conversation and inspire the next generation of boys to change

People in difficult situation because of the Covid. People who lost their jobs and pushed to restart their lives


I don't ask people to buy tickets, it's a free event, as I want to help those who are in bad financial situation. I try to educate everyone to commit and show up and its your choice if yoi want to grow further.

2 ways to contribute:

NR 1 Donate

There is a possibility for each expert to name a favoured NGO of their choice and participants can donate if they want to

NR 2 Contact the experts directly

There is also an option for the participants who register and show up at the event to get huge discounts from their favorite experts for their services and products if they commit during the 4 days of the summit. I would like to encourage you to take the next step to commit and change your life for the better.

There is no revenue generated during the event on any other ways everything is optional

I do not have revenue from this event, I am searching for sponsors, as as for now its a personal project financed 100% by me

The goal is to have a global impact, if I manage to organise and successfully run this event, if I can have at least one globally A list person on board, my mission is fulfilled, I can already prove that one individual can do anything, that there are no limits if we collaborate.

Feel free to join in as expert or participant. Lets have a fruitful event together

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