Global Online Women Empowerment Summit 66 days to go

SUMMIT NEWS: today the 1 on 1 meetings started with the experts. I met with a possible location provider and collaboration partner lets cross fingers. I was consulting with many experts on how to make the event more visible globally. Started to recruit the volunteers for the teaser of the summit.

Today's message:

The IMAGE what you see is not always real, it can be edited according to the marketing purpose. Digital media is a good tool if the parties are informed about what is real and what is a creation of a digital artist. Know your flaws and accept them, no one is perfect. Please tell people THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL even if they don't fit the traditional beauty image, there is beauty in everyone.

Lets be clear: what you see in the mirror, how other people see you, and how you look on edited pictures is not the same!

Being normal is good, looking natural is a value, helping others to accept themselves is a powerful act. We can do better!

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