Global Women Empowerment Summit 47 days to go

#wwwglobalsummit Who is your biggest role model? Who makes you jump out of bed and go for what you want?

Mine, besides my late grandfather, is Richard Branson, a modern Robinson Crusoe, thank you, Sir Richard, for the energetic inspiration

Starting with nothing, Richard is a real go-getter and risk-taker I learnt so much from his story as an entrepreneur.

From mail to order Music business to round the globe in a hot air balloon, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Earth, Virgin Galactic, and so much more.

Today's tip for my followers

Read his biography the "Losing my Virginity" (read it around 100 times) if you want to learn more about open mindset, the value of family, risk-taking, never giving up. Five hundred pages of pure excitement.

Ps: If you have time today, check out the brand new landing page of the Global Online Women Empowerment summit and secure your free ticket and the date.

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