Global Women Empowerment Summit 49 days to go

#wwwglobalsummit This week's exciting details, how to host 70+experts in a 3.5 days summit? Challenging, but nothing is impossible.

Happy to announce the knowledge and the value will be superficial. We have tons of value to give at the Global Online Women Empowerment Summit.

From now we focus on building and recruiting a youth team, with the help of our two Youth Volunteer team leads Christine Chen Wei Sze and Marie Augustine Lafontaine Welcome on board and thank you for your commitment.

Also Thank you for Cheryl Witha and G.D Naidu ™ for your amazing support. Looking forward to our collaborations.

I announced the Global Empowerment Ambassador Recruitment with the support of the fantastic Sherwyn Singh Thank you Sherwyn

Let's bring this summit to all in need.

We started the #Myempoweredvoice campaign with Ministry Of Marketing.Asia Thank you Niney Chong 👉🏼 Social Impact Marketing Strategist

We are supporting the Inspired: Are You Future Ready? Conference go and check it out, they start on the 24th of August. Thank you Elmarie Potgieter

We collaborate with the Womenlines online magazine, thank you Charu Mehrotra

So much more to come, you see the chaos I see colors and diversity and opportunities?

Do you want to come on board PM me for the details.

See you tomorrow!

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