Global Women Empowerment summit 56 days to go

#WWWGlobalsummit Have you heard about the Global Women Empowerment summit? Did you know that we have a powerful Malaysian team?

Today we met for the first time. The Whatwomenwant panel discussion experts joined in to support the upcoming summit.

We had so many beautiful souls there today at the first #strictlycasual meeting. To bond, to listen to eachothers stories.

Tips of the day:

1.It worth it to take it offline, and bond with the others

2. Stay curious to other peoples stories have casual conversations sometimes

3. Listen carefully as you learn from every single story they tell

Decision of the day:

I will carry on with the idea of the VIP twist, at this summit the VIPs will be people who need to be elevated

Passionate about my work and love to connect people and see them take the introduction to the next step, by forming, friendships, collaborations and deeper bonds.

Super conversations!

See you tomorrow

#empowerment #elevate

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