Global Women Empowerment Summit 58 days to go

#WWWGlobalsummit Take this 7 minute message and make the most of it. I will talk about: Expectations, Guilt and Social pressure

We all have been there, you should do this, you should do that. That is better for you, this is what your path must be just like hers.

Social pressure, emotional manipulation, expectations and the guilt that comes after it.

Even if you make it happen you will feel bad , but for yourself, as you feel you are going against your flow, your path.

Please let go of the pressure, have real talks about why you want things. Check what is your fault check what is not. Hoe you can make things your way? Have deep conversations. Reach out for help, if you are not strong alone.

Social pressure, can be dangerous, and going around in loops that are not yours will waste a lot of time from your precious life.

Wouldn't it be better to encourage natural talent and intuition instead of pushing someone into a place where they doesn't want to be?

Give it a thought tonight: are you elevating your loved ones or are you projecting your fears and make it their reality?

Are you on your own path?

#empowerment #socialpressure

See you tomorrow

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