Global Women Empowerment Summit 67 days to go

Summit News: Outlined the preparation phase, the 4 days event and the follow up with my media advisor Julez Wong, award winning cinematic Photographer. First teaser in August second teaser in September.

Today's Message:

According to RSPH surveys especially for young people likes shares and follower count increasing the risk of anxiety, depression, fear of missing out, loneliness. Some main social media platforms are even considering of making the likes invisible for the same reasons. I would like to raise awareness about this issue and I would like you all to help me to spread this message.

No likes doesn't mean:

you are not likable

you are not lovable

you are less


On business level, its worth to reconsider too whether you are focusing on the right thing or you are just running after likes and followers. Find your own balance and don't be afraid to be different, your tribe will follow. Maybe you can do it better!

See you tomorrow

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