Global Women Empowerment Summit 69 days to go

Do you post about your kids online? What about your friends, colleagues, family members? Have you gave it a thought how you do it and what are the consequences? Weekend roaster talks with Andrea

Many of us don't think about it, there is not so much information about it, but whatever you upload on the cyberspace stays there forever. Cyber or digital security issues are not solved yet, even serious organisations can be hacked. Cyber bullying will be one of the topics we will talk about during the summit.

Why do you need to consider the consequences of sharing photos about your kids online:

1. Privacy issues: They cant stop you

2. Bullying: it opens a way to being bullied

3. Future aspects: can affect how they are seen later

4. Digital safety: not everyone looking has good intentions

How can you do it better:

Just give it a thought

Check your privacy settings

Create an online policy for your family

Watermark your pictures

Watch out what is in the background

Think twice when you share

Don't share location data

Stay safe, see you tomorrow

Join the summit and learn more about the cyber space

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