Global Women Empowerment summit Challenge 55 days to go

#WWWGLOBALSUMMIT First teaser of the Global Women Empowerment summit in the making tomorrow & collaboration announcement. Yes to #empowerment and elevating others

👉Tomorrow we take all our bags and suitcases packed with one day food and props and we go on an adventure with JJulez Wongto create the first teaser of the summit. No actors included.

Lets see what the power of diversity with 6 amateurs and a professional cinematographer can bring to life together.

👉Surprise announcent, partnering up with ElElmarie Potgieternd the InInspired: Are You Future Ready?Conference 2020. Together we can have a bigger impact.

Get tickets, warm up and get future ready from the 24-28th of August and continue with empowerment at the Global Women Empowerment summit on the 1-4th October 2020.

What a creative period I love collaborations.🙏🌹❤️

See you tomorrow

#womenempowerment #inspired #globalimpact

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