Global Women Empowerment Summit Challenge day 57

#WWWGlobalsummit How to sleep well? Well organize a global summit, run around all day, connect with amazing people and here you go for a deep sleep.

Today's events and backstage information how my days look like since I started this challenge to empower you out there.

Actually I feel like I am even empowering myself.

Cafe in the morning, music and a little connecting time with my family.

Digital media Team meting, two hours of excitement and brainstorming and empowerment.

Volunteer Team, as a first step to empower youth I met with two talented ladies who will lead the Youth Volunteer Team of the summit. They learn about entrepreneurship, branding and event organizing and I learn about youth communication and blogging.

Helping one of my friends with social media, connecting back and empowering the elder generation into society.

Meeting a transgender community, and talking about gender equality, inclusion and their view on the SDG 5 directive. Amazing again.

Coordinating the international expert chapters of the summit.

Talking to the creative team and the crew of the first teaser for the summit

Interview with Allatra, Creative Society talking about uniting the globe for a good cause.

Creating my own video vlog

Huh finally dinner....

See yo tomorrow

#empowerment #connection

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