Global Women Empowerment Summit Challenge diary 62 Days to go

#WWWGlobalsummit Have you ever shared a table with 10 different cultures? How did it feel? Could you see the dinamism evolving because of the different perspectives? I saw. Its simply amazing

“We are the most civilized species on earth, because we grow every single day – we grow – and we will keep on growing with each other. We will keep on growing with our brothers, sisters and friends, whether they are from different religions, different race, different languages, colors, sexual orientation, gender – it doesn’t matter. We are all humans and we have to grow together. It’s not enough to be diverse. For a species to evolve, for a species to survive, you need to accept that diversity. Because if you don’t, then that diversity has no value. Accept the diversity and the growth of us humans – the progress of us humans, will be much faster and smoother.”

― Abhijit Naskar

Celebrating friendship and diversity

See you tomorrow

Todays shout out goes to two amazing LinkedIn creators, for their integrity and positivity:

Thank you for who you are: Brian Schulman and Ahmad Imam

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