Paloma: "I teach Women to be shameless"

Speaker Introduction:

Women Empowerment Panel discussion

15th of May 9pm Kuala Lumpur time.

An open discussion about Empowerment. Join us for this event and bring your questions. We will have 6 amazing Women sharing their perspective

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Paloma is an award-winning photographer and empowerment coach, on a mission to fill the world with beauty, justice and compassion.

Paloma teaches women to be shameless.Women are fed up of being shamed and ashamed based on appearance. As an award-winning photographer, Paloma helps women take control of their image so that they can overcome insecurities and grab opportunities.

As a certified trainer for #IamRemarkable (Google initiative), Paloma coaches ambitious professionals to self promote and increase their visibility. It's not bragging if it's based on facts!

As a humanitarian, Paloma has been at an international organization for 10 years. 

She hopes to jump into the Learning and Development field as the next step in her career.


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