Summit diary 73 days to go

A summit about taboos YES, Women empowerment with me included YES, diverse international Expert team YES, No labels, judgement YES

Today I had mind blowing inspiring conversations, I sent out 65 official participation forms one by one. I see the experts starting to be active. I found an other topic to talk about at the summit. I started to prepare the technological background.

I still need: tutors and teachers, professors with academic and research background, spiritual leaders, tech savvy ladies, more men who would like to jump in to support women empowerment,#Artists and dancers, art therapist who use their art to empower others on board. Please feel free to connect with me.

Today's takeaway:

No labels-no judgement-no expectations

or the other way around

No expectations-no judgement-no labels

Join the summit:

See you tomorrow!

#empowerment #womenempowerment

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