Summit Diary 74 days to go


50 experts on board

Crazy busy day

The Terms and conditions are on the way

Had some brainstorming with friends

Finally could dance a little bit

Today's role model

HELEN Keller

Born 1880 American Suffragette and civil right activist American

19 months old when got ill and became deaf and blind

People with disabilities were considered a burden to the society that time

Her mom got inspired by Charles Dickens book: American notes

She went to the institute for the Blind

She learnt Braille, finger signing and touch lip reading

She wanted to prove that disable people are not defined by their disability and with education and medical care they can be just as part of the society as the able people

She was the first blind deaf person who got bachelor degree

She met Mark Twain, she wrote several books

She learnt to speak although she couldn't hear her own voice and she became a speaker

Today's quote from Helen:

"Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare social justice can never be attained"

See you tomorrow!

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