Why closing gaps between generations is important

Back in the times when I was a kid I used to accompany my dad to his business trips.

We got up very early, and we hit the road together both a bit sleepy.

While he was driving me as a child I felt the responsibility to keep him awake.Funny I was a very serious child from this point of view. That was my part of the job, his part was driving.

So all the way, sometimes for hours and hours I was asking him questions about different things: cars, life, history, science, traditions etc.

He could answer all my questions, this built a huge respect in me towards him and his wisdom. I will never forget his answers, that was the best way to learn new things.

Today, parents and kids are facing a different world. It's so hard to build respect if your competitor is the Virtual World. No one asks the previous generation about tradition, cars, life, history, science.

The phone answers everything, fast and instant at a fingertip, very easy to forget.

As a result we are getting far from each other. We don't share information with a human person. Conversations are getting shorter and shallow. Attention is short and everyone is lonely.

Wondering why..., no not really, it's all because the above.

Take away:

📍Respect wisdom

📍Ask about real people's s real life

📍Turn to a trusted source who lived it

📍Talk to them till they are here with you

📍Internet is good but a real person is better

📍Look up to elderlies, you can learn from their hardships and experience

📍Look up from your phone and bond

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