Why should we care

Lot of Women out there are silent, they have lost their voice because something terrible happened to them, because someone did not see their perspective.

They stay silent because they are afraid and ashamed to talk about it, they are afraid to share their stories.

My workshop series and this program is combining personal development and transformation with contribution.

I give all participants an extra ticket for free, they can either choose a Woman who is a victim from their circle or I choose someone with the help of local associations in Kuala Lumpur and I donate the workshop ticket.

This way with my monthly two workshops I donate 50 tickets to abused Women for free.

They can attend a similar workshop dedicated to them to help them to have a fresh start and leave all the dark clouds behind.

We also create a story book where we anonymously share their stories the stories of the sponsoring women. So that we can show the world alone in the dark we may struggle but together we step out in the the light and we thrive.

Join my campaign buy a ticket, enjoy the workshop and help others to have the same opportunity to grow!

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