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Mani Lakkaraju

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Thank you for believing in our vision

PRIYA MISHRA implements the Culturally Conditioned Framework in her consulting sessions to establish participation and excitement around accountability among teams.


This transformative framework taps all relevant stakeholders to align towards your vision for your Marketing objective and Sales outline.

Her Story


If you want to be known, you have to speak up first. In the ‘Journey of Perseverance ‘, the author drives us through the meaning of passion, ambition, addiction and culture – all in one to teach us how, if we stay addicted to our cause,


We can actually achieve it. When individuals are genuinely adept, they naturally tend to adapt to any given environment. The right or wrong of a situation can only be assessed by a person who is deep-rooted in culture and comes from a legacy that puts others first before themselves.

Your world view, the way you think, speak, and what you believe is all dependent on the inheritance of culture. This foundation also forms the basis of perseverance. You know for sure that you will get there – only you don’t know when. But persistence is what keeps you alive and kicking across the journey.

Priya Mishra, through the ‘Journey of Perseverance’, teaches us that if we persevere, it means that we have the ability to face challenges and move past them.


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